Our Story

How did you get into retail?

We are a family owned business founded by Sydney, Alaina, and Madison. Sydney originally started property management in 2014, but as it grew she needed an office space close by in the community she loved so much. She was lucky enough to find a space on Division Street where Madison and Alaina joined working on Airbnb Management. Noticing all the foot traffic during the day, we decided to open up half the space to be a shop that carried items we thought would be great additions in Airbnb's such as: post cards, sheets, soap, and various home items. Around Christmas time we invited our friend Dani Draper from Vine and Dandy  to come into the shop for a pop up and she filled half the shop with her lovingly potted plants and other goodies. Since then she has given gave us some amazing tips in tricks from which we were able to form a partnership and a brand. Our store has grown larger and larger thanks to the support of our community, but our goals have stayed he same, sell products made by women, made locally, and with passion.

Q: How long have you been open?

A: Gone West PDX has been open since October 2017. We first launched ourselves as The Habitate Collective since we share a building with Habitate Property Management. As we grow we've decided to rename ourselves as Gone West PDX to set us apart from the property management. 

Q: How did you decide your name?

We decided on Gone West because many products in our shop are made locally in the Pacific Northwest. The logo we worked to create looks like someone quickly wrote a note saying they had "Gone West".

Q: What do you believe the future has in store for your business?

A: We had a successful fundraising event with the nonprofit Raphael House, a domestic violence agency. We hope to be able to partner with more organizations to give back to the community that supports us. We are also looking forward to launching our after hours classes. More coming soon! 

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